Teeth Whitening

Oral hygiene helps to maintain good oral health and so the general health. Poor oral hygiene leads to severe dental and medical problems. Regular dental cleaning helps to prevent these problems and gives you whiter smile.

Dental cleaning helps in prevention of following diseases:
Dental caries
Bad breath
Gum diseases
Periodontal diseases that leads to loss of teeth
Oral cancer
Heart disease
Tooth whitening :
Tooth Enamel is the hardest tissue that protects the tooth from wear and tear. But as age progresses the enamel is worn off due to chewing, trauma and acids that are released from the food. The Enamel becomes thin and shows off the yellow color of the Dentin. During chewing many cracks occur over the Enamel because of the chewing forces. These cracks are filled up with stains and debris that gives the tooth a dull, lifeless appearance. Teeth whitening or Bleaching remove the stains and debris from the cracks and they are left opened. Some of the cracks are remineralized by the saliva; some are left opened in which the organic debris get collected. So tooth whitening cracked tooth should be crowned and make you whiter smile.